Since 2007, the DoctorDirect appointment system has been developed and supported by a group of physicians (urologist Dr. Brian Morris and rheumatologist Dr. Shatha Al-Musawi) and investors (pharmacologist and financial planner Dr. Kamal Mekhael, CEO of Bellus Health Roberto Bellini and former President and CEO of BCE Media Alain Gourd). They have been seeking to improve access to healthcare in Canada.

The team took a critical look at the Canadian medical system and came to the conclusion that in spite of the presence of excellent and dedicated physicians, there appeared to be a widespread problem of access to healthcare. Many patients did not have a family physician; others waited for months to see a specialist, forcing them to seek help in an emergency department at a local hospital.

At the physicians’ offices, secretaries spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone, booking and confirming appointments for the next day. Furthermore, in case of last second cancellation, doctors were unable to fill the space without having their secretary call a number of patients.

These problems were addressed by the development of a user friendly web-based appointment system for healthcare professionals and patients. With DoctorDirect, not only can patients book appointments with their physician, but they can also find a new physician in a timely manner.

As a board member of DoctorDirect since 2008, Dr. Shatha Al-Musawi, a former rheumatologist, witnessed firsthand the radical positive effects of DoctorDirect on medical practices. Impressed by its capabilities, Dr. Al-Musawi acquired the appointment system in 2015 and is its sole owner today.

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