Why would I let my patients schedule their appointments using the Internet?

  1. There are many advantages of letting your patients make their appointments on the Internet:
  2. It saves time for your receptionist who can use this time for other tasks.
  3. Last-minute cancellations: DoctorDirect.com allows patients to book appointments up to the last minute as soon as there is availability.
  4. More and more patients of all ages are now able to use the internet.
  5. The system is open 24/7.
  6. DoctorDirect.com is a user friendly system that can be learned by anyone capable of using the internet.

Can the system confirm appointments?

  1. Yes, e-mail confirmations are sent to patients 5 days prior to their appointments.
  2. Automated telephone confirmations are sent to patients 2 days prior to their appointments.
  3. Text messaging will soon be available.
  4. Also, patients will be immediately informed of cancellations initiated by physicians.

Will my personal information be shared by DoctorDirect.com with other companies?

No. DoctorDirect.com does not share its members’ information with other companies.

My practice is closed; I no longer accept new patients. Can I use DoctorDirect.com anyway?

Yes, of course! DoctorDirect.com allows you to filter out new patients who will not have access to your availability.

Can I control my availabilities so patients cannot over book appointments?

Yes, you can place filters and questionnaires in order to have patients book appropriate appointments.

I am used to keeping some availabilities each day for follow-ups and emergencies. Would I be able to still do so with DoctorDirect.com?

Yes, of course. DoctorDirect.com allows you to create different appointment types. Time can be set aside even the day before for emergency cases.

What computer hardware is required to use DoctorDirect.com?

Using DoctorDirect.com only requires a computer and an internet connection; no additional software is required. Nothing is installed on the workstation.

The type of computer used and the internet connection speed can influence the speed at which data is transmitted between your computer and our servers. Therefore DoctorDirect.com recommends that busy offices and clinics use a computer and internet connection that meets the following requirements:

Personal computer

– Pentium 4, 2 GHz or more

– 512 MB RAM on Windows XP or 1 GB RAM on Vista or equivalent

– 10 GB or more of free hard drive space

– Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

– Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, upgraded regularly

– Pentium 4, 2 GHz or more

– 512 MB RAM on Windows XP or 1 GB RAM on Vista or equivalent

– 10 GB or more of free hard drive space

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome installed

Internet Connection

Minimum data transfer rates of:

– 3,000 KB/s (download)

– 360 KB/s (upload)

Certain geographical or technical conditions may affect the speed of your internet connection. You can test your system at www.speedtest.net to determine the true data transfer rate.

Is my patients’ personal information protected?

Transmission security between your computer and our database servers:

The information that passes between the computers of healthcare professionals or patients and DoctorDirect.com servers is transmitted via a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) tunnel. This establishes an encrypted communication channel between you and our database server. From the moment the healthcare professional or the patient signs on to DoctorDirect.com, the exchange of information is done on a secure link identifiable by the “https” prefix in the site’s address. SSL has some of the highest encryption levels and is used for bank websites around the world to secure their online transactions.

Information security and architecture:

All sensitive information stored by DoctorDirect.com, such as health insurance numbers or passwords, are heavily encrypted so that they cannot be decrypted by any other system.

The DoctorDirect.com technology architecture is based on HL7, an international standard of medical data management.

Additional safety measures:

  1. Users log in with a username and password they set themselves. We impose secure, hard to guess passwords. This combination limits system access and increases information confidentiality, especially when several members of the same family use the DoctorDirect.com services.
  2. When a patient registers with DoctorDirect.com, he or she does not have access to his or her appointment history prior to registration.
  3. When the patient registers, the previous appointments are still locked until the patient unlocks his appointment schedule by visiting his/her doctor’s office proving that he is the genuine patient.

What are the benefits of DoctorDirect.com?

  • Online management system of scheduling of appointments, e-referrals, reminders, and billing.
  • Access 24/7; real-time calendar availability.
  • Complete control of online and offline scheduling.
  • Patient reminder services (email, SMS, and telephone).
  • Change management and secretarial support from DDI.
  • Easy to use; no installation required and quick integration with clinic website and EMRs.
  • Decrease of administration costs and patient no-shows.

How do I allow online booking?

Once you registere with us, you are ready to starting booking online! Remember to remind your patients to book online at doctordirect.com!

Can a healthcare professional manage their own calendar?

Absolutely. Only the healthcare professionals can manage his or her schedule along with their administrative assistants.

How do I get started and set up my profile?

Sign upfor a doc account, and within two business days of your request, we’ll verify your credentials with the clinic that you work at. Then we’ll activate your account and send you a confirmation email.

Is DoctorDirect.com a replacement for my practice EMR or existing management software?

No, Connect the Doc doesn’t replace your in-house practice management software. Our scheduling service is meant to be used in addition to your software so that people can book their appointments online instead of by phone.

Do you have any free marketing resources?

Yes. Contact us and we can email your some free marketing resources to help you promote your clinic.

Can my clinic customize pre-existing packages?

Absolutely! When you sign up, you can add different features and services that you think will benefit your clinic. Our site will continue to develop new features that can be added to your account.

How many healthcare professionals’ schedules can be managed?

Depending on the service package, you can manage the schedules for up to eight (8) healthcare professionals at your clinic. Contact us for more information about our different service packages.

Should I connect to all the healthcare professionals that work at my clinic?

Yes, even if you’re not managing their schedules, you should connect to all your healthcare professionals. They need to be connected to a clinic in order to appear in the search results when a patient looks for an appointment.

How can my clinic advertise on DoctorDirect.com ?

We are currently accepting any advertising requests on our website. Please contact us for more information.

Can I get a trial period?

Yes, of course! As soon as you register with DDI, our customer service department will contact you to discuss the fine print details.

We currently offer a 6-month transition period.

No obligations, at no cost, if the client notifies us that he does not intend to use the services after the trial period.

Do we offer reminder services?

Yes, of course!

DDI offers patient reminder services (email, SMS, and telephone). Please contact us for our pricing and packages.

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